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Three Mobile Apps That You May Want To Get

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Getting a smartphone nowadays doesn’t have to involve you breaking the bank. Smartphones come packed with features and are only improving with each day. The two most common Operating Systems that are used on smartphones are the Android OS and Apple’s iOS. Both have their own dedicated app store, both of which are filled will millions of apps. Here are three apps that you may wish to get for your smartphone.  

 Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging, or IM as it is called for short, is one of the most popular smartphone apps that you will find. They let you message other contacts who have the same app, for free. This beats the conventional SMS system as you are not going to be charged for this and there is hardly any data consumption. The messages are usually sent instantly, regardless of where in the world the receiver is, if they have an active connection to the internet. So, if you want to send some global governance news to a contact who lives in a different part of the globe, these will be sent instantly. Since these don’t usually come pre-installed on your phone, you may want to look for it on your app store.

 Social Media

Social media and smartphones tend to go hand in hand these days. Therefore, getting a few social media apps could be important to you, if you want to be updated with your social contacts. It is also an effective way to keep up to date with any ongoing promotions or events that are happening close to you. One of the most popular social media apps is Facebook. This will usually come installed with your phone, so you might not have to install it separately. 

 Weather reports

It is always best that you keep up to date on all the local and international events. Therefore, getting an app that provides you with excellent China US North Korea news is going to be quite helpful in providing all the relevant information that you will need if you are living in the area. Most of these apps will also provide you with weather updates as a bonus. This may be in the form of widgets which will give you an update regularly. You should bear in mind that this may not always be accurate, depending on where you live.

 These are three different apps that you will need to have on your smartphone. Bear in mind that some of these apps might not work if you don’t have a data or internet connection.